racing games

Racing Games

Basically, racing games can be played in either first-person or third-person perspective. Racing games give its players the feeling of driving through an actual race – these includes the players having their own cars, being able to customize it and even choose places around the world where they would want to take the race. The places where they can hold the races vary from well-maintained race tracks to steep terrains, from desserts to island. Some of these places can be inspired by real-life events or purely fictional. And they can even have the choice of racing with their friend as most racing games nowadays offer multiplayer options.

Why play Racing Games?

Although many people think that playing racing games bring nothing but addiction and a total waste of time, there are actually a lot of benefits whenever playing such kind of games:

First, it creates another community for players. If a player joins an online game and plays it frequently, he/she will be welcomed to a community which shares the same interests as he/she does. This enables the player to mingle with more people easily, molding him/her to become an extrovert type of person which in the long run, can become something that the player can portray in real life.

Second, it improves players’ working-memory skills. Regardless of the race type and place a player may choose to play, there will always be obstacles and power-ups to be collected along the way. Players need to remember all of these tracks and come up of a better strategy on how to finish the line while collecting all of the possible power-ups.  The player can know now when to speed up, slow down and use caution. If the player can memorize all of these while playing just about any game, it will be easier for him/her to navigate through the track and win.

Third, it practices self-control. Fast racers do not mean winners. There will always be crashes and defeats in this game but players can develop self-control by being able to have fun despite losing.

Fourth, it promotes flexible thinking. Not all cars in the race perform the same, similar to how race courses are different from one another. Whatever the race may give to the players, they should think and act fast, especially if it involves multiplayer games. They should be flexible in the race if they want to win.

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